1. MK919 the latest quad-core mini android pc

    RK3188 Quad-core Android Mini PC 2G 8G


    Special Price: $77.29

    SKU: MK919
  2. MK812 Dual-core Android Mini PC - Dual Colors

    Dual Core Android Mini PC 1G 8G AV 2MP Camera


    Special Price: $69.60

    SKU: MK812
  3. WiFi Power Socket Outlet Universal Socket

    WiFi Power Socket APP Remote Control Universal
    SKU: SWP1
  4. MK814 Quad-core TV Stick Android PC

    Quad-core TV Stick Android 2G 8G Camera Mic
    SKU: MK814
  5. USB to Lan Adaptor with Hub and Reader White

    USB to Ethernet Adaptor 2 Ports USB Hub Reader
    SKU: SW515