Portable WiFi Storage on the go

Aug 27, 2013 3:04:27 AM

Even the storage of mobile is becoming larger, there just isn't enough space on the phones. Photos and videos are big files while people like taking a lot of them. Is there a new way to expand storage and get access to these files all the time?


WiFi cloud storage enables you to share videos, photos, documents to your smart phone and tablet anytime anywhere. The storage can be up to 1TB. You can enjoy watching movies when traveling, review the photos, check the documents or data bank when it is necessary.


EasySmart offers two kinds WiFi storage solutions, SWAP2 PQI Air Pen and SWA1T PQI Air Bank. Both of them has wireless AP function and supports up to 5 connections simultaneously.


WiFi Wireless Cloud Storage

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Wireless repeater is also called wireless range extender. It takes existing signal from wireless router or AP and rebroadcasts it. Wireless WiFi Internet amplifier increase the wireless signal coverage and throughput.


Wireless repeater is ideal for improving wireless signal range and strength within homes and small offices. If the wireless signals is too weak, you can consider install it. EasySmart offers 2 solutions for you, 1W WiFi Amplifier RF241 and 5W Wireless WLAN Booster RF245.


Below are the some tips for installing wireless repeater.

  1. Keep the whip antenna upright.
  2. Put it in relatively high place. Make sure there is no signals inferences around (eg. oven). 
  3. Keep it away from metal obstacles and thick walls.


WiFi Wireless Repeater

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