WiFi Wireless Repeater Extends Wireless Internet Coverage

By David

Wireless repeater is also called wireless range extender. It takes existing signal from wireless router or AP and rebroadcasts it. Wireless WiFi Internet amplifier increase the wireless signal coverage and throughput.


Wireless repeater is ideal for improving wireless signal range and strength within homes and small offices. If the wireless signals is too weak, you can consider install it. EasySmart offers 2 solutions for you, 1W WiFi Amplifier RF241 and 5W Wireless WLAN Booster RF245.


Below are the some tips for installing wireless repeater.

  1. Keep the whip antenna upright.
  2. Put it in relatively high place. Make sure there is no signals inferences around (eg. oven). 
  3. Keep it away from metal obstacles and thick walls.


WiFi Wireless Repeater

Free Remote Control for MK4412 Android TV Box

By Astor.Y

MK4412, the top class Android TV box, finally could offer to you with big discount. The current price is US$128.06 per pc only.  Much lower than the original price US$146.68.  


MK4412 Android TV box uses Exynos quad-core CPU, and build-in 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.  Even have the big discount, Easysmart.com also offers one piece free remote control for each MK4412 TV box.  The free remote control uses USB receiver to communicate with TV box.  You can also use the remote control on any kind of computers.


View more of special sale products.


Exynos TV box discount free rc

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New Air Mouse Keyboard SWQ7

By Astor.Y

We are glad to present the newest wireless 2.4GHz air mouse. Its designed for use in Android and Windows systems, including mini andorid pc, tablet, Android smartphone and even computers. Its build-in sensitive six-axis gyroscope to ensure accurate move. The exclusive two-sided design give you qwerty full keyboard in surface B, also comes with mouse left/right buttons.


Users can use it to play amazing somatosensory games via build-in gyroscope control system.


Wireless Air Mouse Keyboard

[MK814] Next Generation Quad Core Android TV Stick

By Astor.Y

The latest Android TV stick SKU# MK814, is ready for order.  Available in stocks now. Lead time is 1 working day after placed the order.


RK3188 Quad-core CPU


MK814 mini tv stick has 28nm quad-core Rockchip RK3188 ARM Cortex-A9 CPU processor, 2GB RAM physical memory, and 8GB ROM memory. Its build-in 2mp camera, microphone and Bluetooth. Click here to find more info about MK814 tv stick.

MK812 upgraded to Android 4.2.1 OS

By Astor.Y

MK812 Dual-core Mini PC has upgraded firmware to Android 4.2.1 operation system on Mar 01, 2013.  Completely ROOTED in production. You are free to do anything on the mini pc.


In order to connect MK812 Dual-core Mini PC to more of TV machines, we provide 1pc free AV cable to output simulant audio and video signals to TV. AV output port is nearby HDMI jack.  Both of AV and HDMI port can not work at the same time.


MK812 Android 4.2.1 Update


Dual core A9 CPU same as older version. Supplied with 1pc free external WiFi antenna to enhance internet connection to wireless AP.  Build-in 1GB physical ROM and 8GB RAM memories. Supports Airplay. Buildin 2MP Camera, Microphone and Bluetooth.