Reseller Program - Opportunity, Benefits and Requirements



Easysmart Reseller ProgramYou can be a part of our reseller program which proudly serving thousands of global distributors, shop owners and eBay sellers.


Resellers of work independently and share one common goal:
To promote wireless technology and and deliver a smarter life to customers. Reseller Program presents significant opportunities for you to sell into the many companies looking to adopt new, better technologies to build a smarter life for end users at the lowest possible cost. As a member of our reseller program, you will be entitled to special discounts on all products, priority communication and delivery, and plenty of marketing resources.







The following are benefits of the Easysmart's Reseller Program:  



1) Wholesale Prices


One of the key benefits of joining reseller program is access to wholesale prices with big discount on all products. If your customer views our store in case, they will see retail price only but never know your purchase costs.


Extra discount is available for bulk order. After you have purchased a lot with us and accord with requirements we could upgrade your account to higher class which have heavy discounts.



2) Premium Supports


We understand that it is important for you to provide fast resolutions to any support issues that your clients have. Any issues that you and your support team cannot resolve can be submitted to our sales team for immediate assistance and resolution via email, phone or live chat. Our top engineers will review your questions, make tests and reply to you within 1 working day. Your issues will be our highest priority and we will get back with you as soon as possible.


If your product is lacking material, shipping it to you will be our first priority. If your shipment is delayed we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know. 



3) Marketing Resources


We provide a private server to resellers to download non-marked high resolution product photos, blank video clips, neutral data sheet and neutral user's manual. Our photographer and designer can make any new photos or prepare any technical supporting documents according to your requirements.




Join In Reseller Program


To participate in the first class of reseller program, choose one of below options to prove you are a real reseller of our products or similar products.


[1] Send a copy of your company certificate including billing address, shipping address and contact phone number.


[2] Prove you own a web shop by add a link to You can remove the link and completed the authorization processes.


[3] Visit our office in Shenzhen. (How to visit us?)




Duties of Resellers


[1] Match required order value monthly according to the reseller level. 


[2] Never open a dispute through a 3rd party. We will always do our best to fit your needs the first time.


[3] Provide verifiable business contact information & website. Provide first level technical support to your clients.

Provide billing and accounting support to your clients. You are responsible for receiving & resolving all abuse complaints.




If you wish to join our reseller program and agree with above statements, please contact us and send the required information to our sales team. If you have passed authroization procedures, our sales manager will setup an advanced membership for you immediately.