Stay Safe, Place Order With Paypal!

SSL Certificate uses 128-bit secure encryption to provide you a safe payment environment!



We accept payments from Paypal and Bank Wire (T/T), we do not accept credit cards or cash on delivery.






Paypal is easy to use and provides it's users with strong customer protection.  With Paypal you can either use your existing Paypal account or pay without being a Paypal member. Paypal provides the highest level security to make your online shopping experiences safe and secure. It has been used and trusted by millions of eBay shoppers and other ecommerce buyers worldwide.


For users in most countries, you can pay using your credit card through Paypal. Click to find out more about Paypal payments.


Paypal Credit Cards


Note: Beyond the secure protection from Paypal, we suggest you to keep your Paypal account safe with a strong password.




Bank Wire (T/T)


Bank Wire, also called T/T, is a traditional way to send money from one bank account to another bank account. It is also known as telegraphic transfer, bank transfer and international transfer.


Most banks allow you to send an international bank wire from your company account or private account. If your bank does not offer an online bank transfer service or phone banking option, you may need to go to your bank in person and sign papers to authorize the transfer. 


To make a transfer you will need to provide your banking account details and a reference for your order number. This is needed to verify the transaction is successful and allows us to match your payment with your order. Depending on your bank and country, the transaction may take up to 5 working days to complete. You can request details from your bank to find how long it will take the payment to process. 

Note: Bank wire charges are your responsibility. You should instruct your bank that you will pay all the fees at the origin.




If you can not use Paypal or Bank Wire (T/T), you can consider to pay via Western Union and MoneyGram. Please contact our sales team to get receiver's information. You might need to know how to place order with Paypal.