Android Mini PC

Android Mini PC Make your TV as smart as a computer with a low price!


The thumb sized Android Mini PC, also called TV box or TV stick, connects to your TV using HDMI. In a few seconds you will be able to browse the web, watch videos in Netflix and Youtube, play Android games, use your email, chat with friends and other amazing functions similar to a computer. More applications are also available in Google PlayStore to make your TV become a All-In-One entertainment system.


You are able to access the internet via WiFi or use a USB to Ethernet adaptor. A dual-core or quad-core CPU and 1G or 2G RAM ensure Android Mini PC will work very fast with any applications. The quad-core GPU supports play 720P, 1080P HD and 3D videos. You can store photos, music and videos on the internal 8G or 16G ROM memory. To store more files you can use an external TF memory card or USB hard drive.


The Android Mini PC needs a keyboard & mouse or an airmouse to control the device. You can view our accessories at the gadget accessories page.

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  1. MK903V Quad-core RK3288 Android Mini PC TV Stick

    MK903 Quad Core TV stick
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    The newest and fastest Android TV stick. Powerful Quad-Core RK3288 CPU up to 1.8GHz. 2G RA...


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