Why the prices are "so cheap"?


Some visitors of end users might found the prices in Easysmart.com are lower than selling prices in other stores.  That is because we have advantages on the product costs since produce products in our own factory or directly pourchase from manufacturers. 



Most of the products in Easysmart.com are designed by our own engineers. We invest and make exclusive designed mold of housing in contracted factory.



We store plenty of materials for produce 2,000 to 10,000 units in one order. Hence the average unit product cost is lower.  After all of the materials are ready and samples are passed tests, we assemble in our own plant. So total cost is lower than other dealers.




The prices in SmartWirelessTech.com are suppose to be wholesale prices.  Because target buyers are importers, wholesalers and resellers. So if end users come to visit our store they will found the prices are much lower than they usually saw.




By the way, why the Shipping Cost is so cheap?

Since we have many shipments per working day, so we get very good discounts from shipping couriers. 



If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.