How to Compare Products

Rating: has featured function of "compare products". It help you to locate different specifications between two or more products. In product page, click "Compare" button, then go back to any "Catalogue" page, you will find the selected products under column of "Compare Products" under product list. Click "compare products" button. The popup compare web page will open. You can check below specifications in compare products web page:



add to compare 





compare section



compare web page



Product photo, Basic price, Product description, Product shot description and every single specifications.






The excellent feature is you can compare any products even there do not belong to the same sort. By click the red cross button in compare products section you can remove the signal item to compare. Click clear all items you are able to empty the compare product section. 


If you completed one compare process, the left side will show new section of new compared products for your easy record.