Share multimedia files from smartphone to TV via Android Mini PC


All of our Android Mini PC products are supports AirPlay and WiFi Display functions. AirPlay is available in iOS devices incluidng iPhone, iPad and iPad mini.  WiFi display function is available from Android 4.x smartphones and tablets.



AirPlay AirPin DLNA Player


To use the airplay/wifi display function, you need to install a software called “AirPin".



After installed above airpin app in android mini pc, it will automatically open the wifi sharing function.  No need to install any software in iPhone or Android smart phone.  Now open system default media player, you will be able to find airplay icon in iphone/ipad, and find sharing icon from Android smartphones. Tap the airplay/sharing button, then select TV as player, then you can push the images / videos / audios to TV though android mini pc.


Please refer to below demo video of sharing image/video/audio from iPhone 5 to TV via MK812 android mini pc.





Note: Some smartphones or tables runs old Android systems can not supports WiFi display function.