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WiFi power socket allows you to control multiple home appliances from your phone or tablet anytime, anywhere. Turn ON OFF your home appliances by clicking the software or set a fixed time for your devices to turn off.

You can also control home appliances in external internet networks including 3G 4G and office WiFi network. Timer and delay turn off functions are available for SWP1 power socket also.


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WiFi Power Socket Working

WiFi Socket - App Remote Controlled Power Outlet


Turn on / off electrical equipment with your smart phone anywhere

Remote control using your local WiFi network or outer internet via 3G 4G



One Key Setup - Easy Operation


Input WiFi password and ready to go...

Supports multiple appliances

Free remote control APP for Android and iOS


  • WiFi Controlled Power Socket

    Connect to Wi-Fi Networks

    Supports IEEE802.11b/g/n standards

    Control via Android or iOS phones

    Remote Control via WiFi or 3G/4G networks

    Turn on/off appliances anytime anywhere

  • Supports Multiple Home Appliances

    Connect Multiple Appliances

    Turn on / off multiple equipments

    Output max 10A / 2200W

    Input 110~245V / US Plug

    Outlet EU/US/UK Socket

  • Free iOS Android Apps

    Free APP Multiple Terminals

    Easy operation one key setup

    BroadLink free Apps for iOS Android

    Supports smart phones and tablets

    One key return to factory reset


Wi-Fi Controlled Outlet Power Socket was designed to turn on or turn off connected home appliances using a mobile phone or tablet. Has the ability to schedule a on and off time for delay operation. Controllable via local or non-local Wi-Fi network and outer internet using a 3G or 4G network.


With the WiFi Remote Control Power Socket the user can turn on the air conditioner, lights, washing machine, electronic cooker and other electronic equipments before arriving home from the office. Its a great automation controller for daily life applications.



  • iOS App for WiFi Power SocketBLSmartPlug
    Compatible with iPhone 3GS~5
    iPod touch 3rd~5th and iPad.
    Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Download link
  • Android App for WiFi Power SocketSwitch.APK
    Compatible with Android phones / tablets.
    Requires Android V2.3 or later.
    Download link

Features of SWP1 - WiFi Power Socket Outlet Plug


  • Supports standard IEEE802.11b/g/n WiFi networks
  • Easy operation one key setup
  • Control via multiple terminals - smart phone / tablet
  • Free BroadLink App for Android and iOS systems
  • Control appliances via local WiFi network
  • Supports remote control in outer internets
  • One key operation for factory reset
  • Easy and simple to install and use
  • One year warranty since ship date

What do you get?

Package contents and benefits

  • Package Contents

    1 x SWSPI WiFi Switch

    1 x User's manual




    App for iOS

    App for Android

    User's Manual

  • Package contents and benefits

  • Warranty

    30days money back guarantee

    1 year quality warranty



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    Lifetime technical supports


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WiFi Socket Unboxing and Live Demo

FAQ of WiFi Power Socket APP Remote Control Universal

If need further information please check Support Article or submit a question

Where to download the App for WiFi remote power socket?
Click below download links to download Apps for iPhone or Android smart phones. You can also scan the QR codes to get download links. Default language of Android App is Chinese. Please change language of mobile phone to English to change interface of App to English.

iOS App for WiFi Power SocketBLSmartPlug
Compatible with iPhone 3GS~5
iPod touch 3rd~5th and iPad.
Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Download link

Android App for WiFi Power SocketSwitch.APK
Compatible with Android phones / tablets.
Requires Android V2.3 or later.
Download link

How to connect WiFi power socket to my WiFi router?
Firstly, turn off date and then turn on WiFi on your mobile phone. Then plug WiFi power socket on regular AC power socket. Check if "Yellow" indicator is blink. If Yellow indicator does not blink, push reset button to restore factory setting. Then click "Settings" in mobile App. SSID of your WiFi router has been received, input password of WiFi router will connect to your WiFi network.

If WiFi power socket can not connect to my WiFi router, please check below factors.

1) Please check if WiFi router works correctly;
2) Maybe WiFi router is busy, click "Settings" and try to connect again;
3) Some WiFi routers has max connection limit. Make sure your WiFi router have space for extra connections;
4) In order to ensure smooth connections, suggest to use WPA or WPA2 encryption for WiFi router;
5) WiFi power socket supports "802.11g or 802.11g or 802.11b/g or 802.11 b/g/n" but can not supports "802.11n only";
6) Do not active AP insulation function. Because this function will not able to search for WiFi power socket device.
How to "Add" and "Delete" WiFi power socket from mobile App?
You can connect multiple WiFi power sockets into mobile App. Max connection is 100 units. To distinguish from different WiFi power sockets, you can rename them and change the icon.

After finished "Settings", go to Home "System", it will alert "Searched new devices", click it to add new device to control list. To delete WiFi power socket device, in control list select device then slip to right size to delete it.
What does status of "Offline" "Local" "Remote" means?
Offline -- Means device is not connect to WiFi network. Please check WiFi router or ethernet cable.

Local -- Means mobile phone and WiFi power socket in the same WiFi network.

Remote -- Means mobile phone and WiFi power socket are not in the same WiFi network. Mobile phone can control the WiFi power socket in 4G 3G or GPRS networks. The response speed is depends on the internet speed.
What's the max output power of WiFi power socket?
WiFi power socket output max 10A current and 2200Watt power. Please ensure connected devices not exceed rated power and current.
If WiFi power socket is safe in the WiFi network?
1) Only people who connect to your WiFi network could find the WiFi power socket device;
2) You can lock the WiFi power socket in mobile phone App. After locked it others can not find WiFi power socket device in WiFi network.
How to use timer function?
Click "Delay timer" in left bottom corner in "Settings". You can setup max 7 units in the delay timer and choose if repeat the timer weekly.
What is delay function?
With delay function you can turn on/off xx minutes later depends on your needs.
WiFi Standard IEEE802.11b/g/n
Interface 3 Pins US Power Plug to EU and US Power Socket
Factory Reset button
Working Voltage AC 90 Volt to 245 Volt
Working Current 10A
Power Rating 2200 Watt
Frequency Rating 50Hz to 60Hz
Terminals Android and iOS Smart Phones and Tablets
Brand BroadLink
Launch Date May 15, 2013
Color White
Measurement L88 x W78 x H54 mm
Package Color Box with Clamshell
Pack Size L110 x W110 x H62 mm
Temperature -10°C to 55°C


1) Able to connect multiple appliances to one WiFi power socket.

2) Total power of connect home appliances must be less than 2200W.

3) Do not use it as a 110V to 220V power invertor.
Ethernet to WiFi AP Router PQI Pen Express

Product Question

Aug 6, 2013

 Does it comes in EU standart ?  

 WiFi Remote Controlled Power Socket comes in China Standard plug. We provide free EU or US standard plug adapter to fit to power sockets in EU or US.

Garry B
Garry B
Sep 9, 2013

 What are options for windows phone? 

 SWSP1 can not supports Windows Phone. SWSP3 is able to supports Windows smart phones and Windows & Mac computers.

Sep 10, 2013

 hi, I have a question. I do not have an iPhone, but I have an iPod touch. My interest is to be able to turn on and off an outlet at home using the Internet only, without having to use a phone. I do not have 3G or 4G, but will have an Internet connection. Can I use my IPAD, iPod touch, or even my laptop to get a connection over the Internet to turn on and off power outlets at home with this product? 

 The iOS app is compatible with iPhone 3GS~5, iPod touch 3rd~5th and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. However, iOS app has Chinese edition only for now. The English edition will be ready few weeks later. You can use Android phone or tablet to get English edition.

Sep 12, 2013

 Hi, does it work for Singapore power outlet type and voltage safely? 

 1) Voltage -- Singapore uses 220V 50Hz. WiFi socket works in 90-245V 50-60Hz.

2) Safety -- WiFi socket has CE and RoHs authentication. Its safe to use. It can serve 2200Watt only. So can not connect to home appliances with rated power more than 2200 Watt.

3) Plug -- Singapore uses type G according to the World Map for Power Plugs</a>. The output jack in WiFi socket is able to serve type G plug. However, the input plug in WiFi socket is Chinese standard. So need to use a Type G jack adaptor to fit to your electric socket. We provide the jack adaptor with free.

World Map for Power Plugs -- http://easysmart.com/news/world-map-for-power-plug-types/

Peter Fredericks
Peter Fredericks
Sep 16, 2013

 Unfortunately i ordered this plug but it didnt work on my Windows phone. I found an alternative product called, WiFi Plug which let me log in over the internet. Great product. 

 Sorry but we have no order records related to your name and email address. Where did you bought from? WiFi power socket does not supports Windows phone and Windows computer. You should use iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or Android tablet. Thanks.

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